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Project Spotlight

Kaskaskia Engineering Group Headquarters

Belleville, Illinois

Kaskaskia Engineering Group (KEG) plans, designs, and builds projects that enhance communities, spur economic development, and respect the environment. When KEG decided to relocate their headquarters, they seized an opportunity to be part of Belleville's East Main revitalization. While studying the vacant ground floor of the Writers' Lofts, they called Quadrant Design to help them create the space that reflected their culture of open management and teamwork.

Working closely with Geri Boyer of KEG, the Quadrant staff quickly designed loft-like space for surveyors, engineers, scientists, and technicians. Kaskaskia Engineering definitely wanted to put the FUN in functional efficient work space while adding amenities for the KEG team. The break room fronts the street level and has been mistaken for a cafe. Vibrant colors and exposed ductwork contrast with exposed brick walls and cast iron columns to emphasize that this is not your average group of engineers. Principals are right by the Main Street door with glass office fronts to meet each visiting client or colleague. The 5400 sq.ft. open space is organized around project teams and the needs of each group of KEG specialists. High ceilings and open team areas facilitate a highly effective natural collaboration amongst project designers and technicians. A centrally located print room with ample storage enhances KEG's service capabilities and is another informal meeting spot.

KEG's building exterior was enhanced with canvas awnings along Main Street and a steel awning at the rear loft and bicycle entrance. Donze Construction crafted KEG's new space from the raw retail leftovers within eleven weeks. Quadrant Design is proud of the space created for KEG and appreciates the trust they placed in us.


Project Spotlight