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When approaching healthcare projects, Quadrant Design works with care providers to design and create spaces that maximize service efficiency and patient satisfaction.  We understand the importance of consumer privacy and how HIPAA regulations can  impact healthcare design.  From the overall layout to acoustic separations and security to finish materials and furniture selections, Quadrant looks at all factors that can positively impact both the patient and caregiver experience. 

The staff at Quadrant Design is familiar with IDPH permit procedures and special code considerations for healthcare facilities in the International Building Code, NFPA 101, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Illinois Accessibility Code, and the Texas Accessibility Standards. 

We have provided professional design service to a wide range of medical clients including hospitals, imaging centers, public health clinics, medical offices, physical therapy centers, and laboratories.  We have designed new "ground-up" facilities, building additions, renovations that took place while the practice continued "in-place", and have carried out renovation projects that converted a supermarket, a lumber yard, a warehouse, and a restaurant into medical facilities.

Quadrant Design understands that each facility has unique goals; one center may need to remodel to remain relevant in a highly competitive market, another may need to adjust to shifting community demographics, and a third may simply need to expand to serve growing populations.  Our work will reflect your needs.




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