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Learning Places

Educational facilities should facilitate both structured and informal learning by creating opportunities for exploration, discovery, and critical thinking.  Quadrant Design collaborates with educators and administrators to provide healthy and safe environments; places where both children and adults can get the most of their resources and gain a love for education.

Our staff has worked with Early Childhood Centers, Grade Schools, High Schools, Universities, and Adult Education programs.  We have designed preschools, private schools, public schools, alternative schools, science labs, athletic facilities, computer centers, libraries, music and arts facilties, vocational training centers, and traditional classrooms.  Each community has its own aspirations for these facilities and Quadrant Design focuses on reaching those goals.

On past projects, Quadrant Design has prepared feasibility studies, facility assessments, life-safety improvements, master planning, and the design of building renovations, additions, and free-standing new construction.  We are fluent in supporting grant applications, referendum issues, and fund drives based on logical long-term needs and growth.  Our cross-trained staff is nimble and efficient in working on a wide cross-section of facilities supported by many different groups of people.