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Mixed Use Developments

Many buildings are meant to have more than one purpose. A well-balanced development can bring jobs, homes, and commercial activity to a neighborhood with increased tax revenue for school districts and municipal government.  Quadrant Design's clients have found that mixed-use developments also tend to be more economically stable over the long haul; retail and office space may provide larger returns some years while residential floors can carry projects through downturns in the commercial market.  

Quadrant Design has worked with large corporate real estate developers and individual building owners to maximize a site or a building's potential & purpose.  Both existing structures and open parcels can be used to create successful mixed-use properties.  We understand the differences between urban downtowns and underused Main Streets; the challenges of attention getting versus low traffic counts.  Quadrant Design has seen how dwelling size and the type of proposed commercial space can dramatically impact local reception and site requirements.  Our staff experience ranges from high-rise structures with full supermarkets and health clubs to small business owners wanting to maximize the return on 1,000 square feet above their shop or office. 

Whether you need a zoning variance to add residential units in a commercial zoning district, a feasibility study of an existing structure, or a master layout to gain governmental approval of your planned unit development, Quadrant Design has experience to collaboratively work with you, your budget, and local authorities to create a viable realistic solution.