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Work Places

Quadrant Design strives to create work places that enhance your efforts.  Working with user groups and business owners, we aim to create spaces with just the right mix of dedicated work areas, formal meeting spaces, and points of freestyle collaboration.  Our clients routinely see increases in their bottom line after moving into a new space.  We can help you differentiate your business from the competition while creating a flexible, innovative, and productive environment.

Quadrant Design has worked with a wide array of businesses to create the professional environment they need.  Ranging from single room renovations to multiple floors of tenant build-outs and dedicated new buildings, our client list includes attorneys, investment advisors, engineering firms, insurance agents, realtors, graphic designers, public agencies, training centers, corporate service centers, call centers, non-profit agencies, and utility companies.

Awards & Recognition

Quadrant Design received an AIA Design Honor Award for their work at the Courthouse Pointe Office Building in Waterloo.