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Religious design encompasses not only the creation of a sacred place but also focuses on designing for  an entire ministry. Beyond the sanctuary, many religious communities also have needs for recreational spaces, performing arts, education & meeting spaces, food service & dining, and community outreach programs. 

Quadrant Design has helped a multitude of religious communities expand their ministry, often while honoring longstanding tradition & heritage.  We understand that each congregation has its own procedures and practices; they can vary greatly even within a denomination.  Quadrant's methods adjust to your church; we can suggest ways to organize your efforts but we will respect your standard practices and work within them.

We have designed new church facilities from the ground up with traditional references and we have designed auditorium-style sanctuaries.  Our staff has added Fellowship Halls to existing churches, expanded sanctuaries, built new Parish Centers, expanded balconies, improved the physical accessibility of worship spaces, created new entryways, new restrooms, classrooms, designed youth ministry facilities, and restored the historic fabric of monument churches.  Our clients have ranged from those who need approval from out-of-town authorities to those with funding waiting to be used. 

 Awards & Recognition

St. John UCC Church in Valmeyer was recognized by AIA Southern Illinois with a Design Honor Award. 


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